Industry News - Saving Money in trash removal is never a WASTE

Many building owners and managers are not even aware of the different ways, an different companies, that exist to manage and minimize waste hauling expenses.

Managing waste expenses help buildings and/or management companies avoid being victims of the pricing objectives of the waste industry, it removes the added burden of contract negotiations and management, and it helps the management team remain focused on their main business priorities.

The waste industry has done a good job of implementing a system that keeps customers in long term contracts with regularly scheduled, significant price increases. Haulers employ a variety of contracting tactics that very often capitalize on their customer's lack of information to the haulers benefit. As an example, recent increases in fuel costs have become a convenient profit booster for many, though by no means all, hauling companies who now add hefty fuel surcharges far in excess of the pass through cost on their monthly bills.

Likewise, billing errors on a monthly basis, if not detected, can substantially add to your property's trash hauling expenses. Over billing in the waste industry amounts to millions of dollars each year. As a result of deliberately confusing invoice formats and many variable and/or temporary charges, it is not an easy task to verify accuracy on trash bills. Utilizing a waste management broker or consultant will minimize billing errors and give you peace of mind knowing you will never pay an incorrect invoice again.

Building owners and Managers that utilize a broker or a waste management company, as opposed to dealing directly with a trash hauler, often enjoy an important resource to gain tight control of their trash expenses and management, as well as tapping into volume buying power and increasing service efficiency.

Avoiding unjustified price increases, preventing billing errors and maximizing your service plan are only some of the ways an owner or management company can save money on its waste removal.

Some of Our Existing Customers

Existing Agreements

  • Existing agreements are not a problem for BetterWaste Management. Our solution is simple.
  • The customer assigns the agreement over to BetterWaste Management and we do the rest.
  • We become the waste hauler’s customer and immediately start to re-negotiate the existing agreement.
  • In the meantime we make sure that the price and terms of the agreement are in full compliance.
  • We process and pay all of the waste hauling bills upon receipt of payment from you and in addition we handle all service related issues for you as well.
  • You are now free to concentrate on more important things … like growing your business.