How we do it

In order to best serve our customers we utilize a three step procedure.

We begin our process by providing our customers with a complete waste audit at all of their service locations.  Waste audits will reveal inadequate or incorrect service levels, excessive cost and billing errors.  As part of the waste audit we review all of our customers' service agreements to make sure that you are receiving the specified service for the specified price with - no hidden charges.

According to each evaluation, BetterWaste Management will design a custom tailored solution that may include changing waste haulers, use of new technology, adjusting service levels and increased recycling.

BetterWaste Management can now match your custom solution with the best waste hauler available for each service location, and implement changes in equipment and/or service levels, while ensuring you the best possible price.

BetterWaste Management will then contract with the preferred waste hauler and manage the account directly with them so you don’t have to, providing you peace of mind. As an independent waste manager, BetterWaste Management is free to pick and choose the best waste hauler to suit your needs since we have no obligation to any particular hauler.

This gives us a competitive advantage to make sure that your expectations are met.

Some of Our Existing Customers

Existing Agreements

  • Existing agreements are not a problem for BetterWaste Management. Our solution is simple.
  • The customer assigns the agreement over to BetterWaste Management and we do the rest.
  • We become the waste hauler’s customer and immediately start to re-negotiate the existing agreement.
  • In the meantime we make sure that the price and terms of the agreement are in full compliance.
  • We process and pay all of the waste hauling bills upon receipt of payment from you and in addition we handle all service related issues for you as well.
  • You are now free to concentrate on more important things … like growing your business.